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As a writer, I've published five books, including "Natural Attractions: A Select Guide to Experiencing North America's Unique Wildlife and Wonders", (Warner Books) as well as feature articles for such periodicals as "Adirondack Life," "Birder's World," "Conde Nast's Traveler," "Nature Photographer" and "The New York Times."

As an editor, I served as Editorial and Marketing Director of Everyman's Library and Phaidon USA, as a consulting acquisitions editor at Grove Press, as Director of the Ruth Hagy Brod Literary Agency and as the Natural History consultant to Barnes & Noble Books. My photographs have appeared in "Adirondack Life," "Conde Nast's Traveler," "Downbeat," "Nature Photographer," "The New York Times," "Think," and at the Alice Austen House Museum; my commercial clients have included CBS, IBM and Groove Merchant Records. I currently serve as President of the Board of Directors of Happiness is Camping, For Children with Cancer, of which I have been a director for 14 years, and on the Board of Directors of High Peaks Audubon Society, of which I am Publications Chairman.

Whether with words or images, I work with the assumption that poetry is paying attention to the details, that describing something with accuracy and style, or capturing a glorious image, requires, and rewards, a complete immersion in the moment, a concentration without elimination. Writing and photographing represent, to me, two inseparable ways of seeing. As a writer staring at a CRT, I can't help but remember the visual ingredients of a place or a feeling--the light, the colors, the contrast range. And as a photographer looking through the viewfinder, I relish the willing suspension of language, the total surrender to line and form and color and gesture. In both media I try to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, the eternal in the everyday, and I work hard to confer on every subject I study its inherent dignity, even such humble stuff as excited electrons and simple patterns in the sand.

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This site has examples of my words and images. I hope you enjoy them, and will welcome any feedback or business.